Pop-up Show in Chelsea, NYC; “Boundary-LESS”

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Collaborating Pop-up exhibition in Chelsea, NYC, between Genichi WATANABE and 12 NYC artists. Title: Boundary-less Date: Dec.1st (Tue.) till 26th (Sat.) Venue : Pleiades Gallery 530 West 25th St. 4th floor New York, NY 10001-5516 Tel.: (646) 230 0056 Open: Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM and by appointment Reception dates: Dec. 3nd (Thu.) 6-8 pm / 12th (Sat.) 3-6pm Participating artists: Genichi Watanabe, Lisa Benson, Colleen Blackard, Sophia Chizuco, Pauline Galiana, Bernice Sokol Kramer, L. Mylott Manning, Juliet Martin, Jamie Martinez, Qinza Najm, Kenichi Nakajima, Lily Koto...

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International Collaborating Exhibition “LIFE”

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We have successfully received many visitors in the gallery during the show. The exhibition showcased artworks from different artists in the world, Cyprus Turkey, England, New York City, Italy and Austria while collaborating with Japanese artists who are actively on a world stage competition and art fair. Expanding a section for design creations, visitors seemed to enjoy more with a selections of both international arts, and one and only created design products. We hoped that this exhibition sent all visitors profound meanings of “LIFE”. Appreciating for all who have been...

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国際展示会第二弾 「LIFE」

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国際展示会第2弾。   今年は、オーストリア大使館と西オーストラリア認定の就職、留学エイジェンシーも後援になっていただき、全てが国際色あふれる展示会になりそうです。   BS日テレ放送「ホテルの窓」からのニューヨーク注目作家、Colleen BLACKARD(コリーン ブラッカード)から丸の内パレスホテルに展示されている作家の作品が展示されます。   其々、技法も表現も異なる中、今回は「LIFE」という題で展示会企画。   それぞれにとって「LIFE」ライフ はどの様な意味を持つのでしょうか?   世界で幅広い活躍を遂げているイギリス、キプロストルコ、オーストリア、イタリア出身の作家から、ONLY ONE 1点物のデザイン商品までもが合同出展です。 帽子、洋服、食器までも生活を豊かにしてくれる作品です。   是非、春の花が咲き誇る館林にお越しくださいませ。 (茂林寺前駅より徒歩1分)...

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“LIFE” The 2nd International Collaborating Exhibition

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Date : April 25th (Sat.) – May 3rd (Sun.)  Open : 11am – 4pm Venue : ISSO Art Gallery 1861-209 Horiku cho Tatebayashi city Gumma Supported by Austria Embassy, and Glimpse Corporation Australia Pty Ltd.   – Gathering international artists from NYC, England, Cyprus Turkey, Italy and Austria while collaborating 9 Japanese artists and designers curated by Reno, who is a director of ISSO Art Gallery. Everyone must have a special meaning of YOUR OWN “LIFE”. Each artist, and designer created their stunning arts in associated with their definition of their lives....

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“Chic & Silence from Japan” ~NYC Exhibition in Chelsea~ ISSO, Shichirou TOMI, and Michiyo ONO

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  “Chic & Silence from Japan” by ISSO, Shichirou TOMI, and Michiyo ONO ~NYC Exhibition in Chelsea~ Date : Dec. 2 (Tue.) -20 (Sat.) 2014 Open : Tue. – Sat. (11:00 – 18:00) Reception : Dec. 4th (Thu.) (18:00-20:00) Venue:  New Centry Artists, Inc.  530 West 25th Street, Suite 406 New York, NY 10001 (Bet. 10th and 11th Ave. in Chelsea.) Tell.: 212-367-7072 Mobile: 718-304-6240 Presented by ISSO Art Gallery Contact : info@tokyo-artgallery.com ISSO Crossing in the light (2014) 15″ X 18″ inches Japanese black ink, color pencil on canvas Schichirou TOMI...

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Bridging a Gap ~International Art Exhibition~ Report 2

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It has been doing well in the collaborating exhibition this past two weeks. There are many visitors, and a local newspaper has taken the news about the event as one of the local articles, which will be soon updated.   We have been receiving some positive comments: a great designated atmosphere with a beautiful garden with sculptures every piece in the gallery is arts, curated artists are equivalent or even better than museums Also, some positive results for the artists. Congratulations!! One more week to go, and we will have a long vacation from the beginning of May when the city itself...

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