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Pop-up Show in Chelsea, NYC; “Boundary-LESS”

Collaborating Pop-up exhibition in Chelsea, NYC, between Genichi WATANABE and 12 NYC artists.

Title: Boundary-less
Date: Dec.1st (Tue.) till 26th (Sat.)
Venue : Pleiades Gallery
530 West 25th St. 4th floor New York, NY 10001-5516
Tel.: (646) 230 0056
Open: Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM and by appointment
Reception dates: Dec. 3nd (Thu.) 6-8 pm / 12th (Sat.) 3-6pm
Participating artists: Genichi Watanabe, Lisa Benson, Colleen Blackard, Sophia Chizuco, Pauline
Galiana, Bernice Sokol Kramer, L. Mylott Manning, Juliet Martin, Jamie Martinez, Qinza Najm,
Kenichi Nakajima, Lily Koto Olive, Sophie Sejourne
Description: 12 NYC artists VS Genichi Watanabe ( )
A collaborative exhibit between the Japanese artist, Genichi WATANABE and twelve select
NYC artists, curated by Reno Oka of ISSO Art Gallery in Tokyo.
Considering that one can find similarity in aspects of every work of art, Reno juxtaposes
the overlapping themes between the art of Genich Watanabe and twelve NYC artists.
Art by different artists may look completely different at glance; however, once you focus on
specific points, there is connection and agreement. Regardless of the artists nationalities,
there is a shared experience.
This is the reason the show is titled “Boundary-less”; the artists’ works are not divided into
separate categories, rather they are exhibited in the same atmosphere harmoniously,
despite their diversity.


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