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“LIFE” The 2nd International Collaborating Exhibition

Date : April 25th (Sat.) – May 3rd (Sun.) 

Open : 11am – 4pm

Venue : ISSO Art Gallery

1861-209 Horiku cho Tatebayashi city Gumma

Supported by Austria Embassy, and Glimpse Corporation Australia Pty Ltd.


– Gathering international artists from NYC, England, Cyprus Turkey, Italy and Austria while collaborating 9 Japanese artists and designers curated by Reno, who is a director of ISSO Art Gallery.

Everyone must have a special meaning of YOUR OWN “LIFE”. Each artist, and designer created their stunning arts in associated with their definition of their lives.  Life can be regarded as a profound and original path for everyone. Here is a place to share the meaning with all visitors here…

Some are awarded in international competitions, and some are exposed by one of the largest TV programs, and in a five starts hotel, and executive magazines.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail: or by mobile : 080 4074 0225




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