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Bridging a Gap ~International Art Exhibition~ Report 2

It has been doing well in the collaborating exhibition this past two weeks.

There are many visitors, and a local newspaper has taken the news about the event

as one of the local articles, which will be soon updated.


We have been receiving some positive comments:

a great designated atmosphere with a beautiful garden with sculptures

every piece in the gallery is arts,

curated artists are equivalent or even better than museums

Also, some positive results for the artists.


One more week to go, and we will have a long vacation from the beginning of May

when the city itself will be with a lot of tourists, which expects more visitors.


1st_floor_72_2 2nd_floor_72 2nd_floor_72_2 carole_72 colleen_72 marilyn_72 space_2_72 space_72



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