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Selected NYC artists Exhibition ~”Serendipitous Synergy II”

(TITLE) Selected New York City Artists at ISSO Art gallery.


(INTRODUCTION) ISSO ART GALLERY, JAPAN – March, 2014 - March 16th, 2014 – Artists Marie Demple, Kristy Gordon, Aisling Hamrogue, Margeaux Walter, Martin Roth, Marilyn Henrion, Ryan Lanham, Kyle Phillips, Lily Koto Olive, Sean Hyland, Lauren Amalia Redding, Blake Zoephel, Daniel Bilodeau, Miguel Carter-Fisher, Jessica Damsky, Jacob Hicks, Jun'ichiro Ishida, Buket Savci Atature, Colleen Blackard, Valentina Stanislavskaia, John Walter Jameson were selected to join eighty Japanese artists to exhibit at the Kamakura Performing Arts Center in an exhibition titled "Serendipitous Synergy: Art Collaboration in Kamakura." The exhibition is co-curated by Reno Oka of Japan and Lisa Benson of the USA. Ms. Oka holds many exhibits for the firm based in Japan, specializing in international exhibits and art collaborations to strengthen Japan's ties to other countries. 


 (BODY – 1) The exhibition brings together artists from different countries to find serendipitous connections and synergy, and also to strengthen the relationship between of Japan and the USA.  Many of the works speak to the places the artist comes from either in psyche or physical representation. For example, the Japanese art includes some traditional calligraphy and landscapes and the American side includes views of New York City and works on NYC metro cards. Both sides feature the abstract, the representational, and the intensely personal, and as such art forms a bridge between the two cultures.



 ISSO Art gallery welcomes foreign artists to its venue, for instance, having already curated foreign artists from England, Italy Turkey as well as NYC whose arts will be also represented at ISSO Art gallery from the end of April to the beginning of May as one of our main spring exhibitions in 2014.




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