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Bridging a GAP  ~International Collaborating Exhibition~

A new main spring exhibition will be held in April and May.

Six foreign artists from Europe, and New York City and also six Japanese artists are curated and gathered at the gallery under a title of “Bridging a GAP ~International collaborating exhibition~.

Curator, Reno Oka, has been working also as an art producer who organizes whole exhibitions for representing Japanese artists in the world. While having engaged in the missions at those countries, she met those curated artists. Their arts somehow have to be overlapped with any aspects of ISSO’s art who is a co-operated owner of the gallery, and also an artist. 

These stunning arts range from three dimensions to textile, haute courue hats designs, and others with interesting concepts, and media used.  

Yet, each one of them give you strong message, and unique, they are visually standing out to make views to satisfy the beauty of creativity while displaying all together in harmony.


Date & Hours :

2014. 4.18 (Fri) – 20 (Sun)

4.25 (Fri) – 27 (Sun)

5.02 (Fri) – 05 (Mon)

Open : 11am – 4pm



Aki ISHII       石井亜希
Gültekin BILGE  グルテキン・ビルゲ (トルコ)
Colleen BLACKARD コリーン・ブラカード (ニューヨーク)
Marilyn HENRION マリリン・ヘンリオン (ニューヨーク)
ISSO  一艸
Masataka IMANARI 今成 正孝
Hisao KASAHARA 笠原 久央
Carlo RAVAIOLI  カルロ・ラヴァイオリ (イタリア)
Tsuyoshi SEKO  世古 剛
Shichirou TOMI  冨美 七朗
Elena VICHI  エレナ・ヴィッキ (イタリア)
Carol WAGSTAFF  カロル・ワグスタッフ (イギリス)



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