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Selected NYC artists Exhibition ~”Serendipitous Synergy”~
I firstly would like to dedicate an appreciation to Lisa BENSON, an artist, and also a curator who  worked together for curating artists who are related to NYC, and secondly also for all curated artists who created very unique arts and share the occasion with us. 
The title "Serendipitous Synergy" was an idea from Lisa. As it is said, this occasion was of Serendipitous Synergy; an unexpected meeting, and bringing up positive steps, and results for everyone who were engaged in this project. 
After having succeed in a large exhibition collaborated with 80 Japanese artists in Japan, this shall be the second exhibition in Japan. ISSO ART GALLERY takes an opportunity to exhibit selected artists  to make a short term exhibition in the gallery for thanking for everyone. 
Please feel free to come and stop by the gallery for savoring the taste and sense of NYC arts.


Title: Serendipitous Synergy I 

Date: February 25th t~ March 3rd 2014

A list of Artists represented

Daniel Bilodeau,

John Walter Jameson,

Kyle Phillips, 

Buket Savci Atature, 

Lauren Amalia Redding, 

Margeaux Walter, 

Marilyn Henrion,

Miguel Carter-Fisher, 

Ryan Lanham, 

Sean Hyland, 

Valentina Stanislavskaia  

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