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"Hotel no Madokora"

(Through the Hotel Window)


The extended TV segment of the Brooklyn Episode Japanese Travel Show, "Hotel no Madokora" (ホテルの窓から) (Through the Hotel Window) where the show visits Colleen Blackard's art studio and watches her create one of her circular ("kuru-kuru") ballpoint pen drawings. To see more of Colleen Blackard's artwork, go to:

Aired June 19th, 2014 on the Japanese Major Television Network, BS NTV

For Colleen Blackard's work in Japan, go to ISSO Art Gallery (


Paths of Memory
2012 Ballpoint pen on gessoed wood 33"x42"
South Ferry & Whitehall St Subway Station
2012 Ballpoint pen on paper 5"x7


Orion's Belt
2009 Archival ballpoint pen on paper 20"x28"


The Universe is a Part of You
2012 Ballpoint pen on paper 18"x24"


2010 Ballpoint pen on paper 16"x20"



Colleen’s art shares her experience of the universe. She presents a strong graphic sensibility that maintains an ethereal quality. She builds up masses of ballpoint pen circles to create patterns of obfuscating shadows and defining lights that confuse and clarify the subject. She chooses this time-consuming yet meditative process as a way to give life to every detail.


Colleen explores different themes in her various series, demonstrating progression from technical mastery of luminosity to its conceptual application: 

  • For the Universe – pinpoints of light carved out of darkness.

  • The Nature of Ballpoint – landscapes and cityscapes integrated with celestial lights

  • Uncle William – the universal sense of belonging regardless of perceived abnormality such as Down’s Syndrome.

  • Fading Memories; Emerging Spirit – the intangible, episodic nature of memory and the freedom that results from memory loss in Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Shifting Perception – assimilation of images from memory (viewers touch translucent overlay to complete the drawing underneath)



Colleen Blackard is originally from Austin, TX, and currently lives and works in NYC. She received a BA from Hampshire College, MA. Her first solo exhibition, "For The Universe" opened in 2009 at Hampshire College Gallery, and she has been included in exhibitions at Fountain Art Fair, RH Gallery, Rush Arts Gallery, Family Business Gallery, Dino Eli Gallery, Times Square and had a solo show at Orchard Windows Gallery in the Lower East Side last August.

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