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Chrysanthemum 2

Oil ans Ink on Maplewood /H50X50cm / 2011


In a Land Faraway

Oil on Maplewood / H50x50cm / 2011


In a Land Faraway

This painting was a mystery to me as it did not fit in with my other paintings from the series from the exhibition.  I was in America November 2010 working on my drawings for the exhibition.  I never completed this work until the summer of 2011, so it was never shown. Then one day it occurred to me that it was a premonition of the Tsunami. Again the gold hides the horror of the devastation to so many.. An outpouring of destruction beautified by the gold.

What Have we Done

Mixed Media on canvas / H170X140cm / 2005



The world around us is my starting point, ever changing, fascinating, always interesting. From early observations of the minutia of nature, the beauty and mystery of our universal landscape, to the complexities of human relationships, these are the issues that inform my art practice. My earliest memories are of creating, painting, constructing and drawing, the resulting intrigue and sense of awe at the revelation of a previously unimagined image has been a motivation throughout my life. Rather than trying to recreate a reality, I aim to capture a sense of place, or essence of a given subject, by abstract means and thought . I am also intrigued by the notion of a collective memory and no matter how intangible, or how ephemeral, that we all leave a trace of something behind.

As a mature student I completed a BA (Hon's) in Fine Art in 1998, with a focus on sculpture and installation. Overtime alongside sculpture, installation, printing and photography, I have maintained an interest in painting as a means of exploring the issues that currently inform my art practice, principally the broad spectrum of the human condition, and general state of flux that the world is in. Working in various mediums enables me to express and try to comprehend the world that moves me.



Since graduating, alongside my personal development, I have undertaken many private and corporate commissions.  I have worked on two projects to create sculptural installations for the National Trust. A residency in Amsterdam ensued as part of an International art project. I had work selected for the Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London.  An installation at The Jersey Galleries, responding to Osterley Park House, Middlesex. Winner of the Christopher Gull Art Prize at the Brighton Art Fair. Over the years I have collaborated with an interior designer on several interior design projects, producing paintings, drawings and sculptures. I have run a community arts project at “Wiston House” West Sussex, which has a history as an international centre for politics. I had a solo show at Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, exploring the history of the Fan, and responding to it in the form of an installation of paintings, from their amazing collection. 
Most recently I had work selected for the inaugural London Biennale, an International exhibition. One hundred and forty artists, from forty countries, contributed to this event, and I was delighted to be awarded a major prize in the painting category.
Forthcoming .
As a result of the Biennale I have been invited to exhibit Internationally, New York, Japan, Italy, Venice, Berlin and London.
An invitation to a solo show in, Dallas,Texas, USA. Spring 2014
Barker & May Gallery, London.
Narenj Gallery, London.
London Biennale, Chelsea Old Town Hall. London.
Art & Escape, London.
Sussex Prairie Gardens, West Sussex, Sculpture.
Sussex Prairie Gardens, West Sussex, Sculpture.
Art & Escape, London.
2011  Solo Exhibition, “To Call The Wind to Strike a Butterfly”at
Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, West Sussex.
Art & Escape, London.
2010  Art & Escape Gallery, Hertfordshire, and London
EWACC Group Exhibition, ROA Gallery Pall Mall, London
2009  Art & Escape Gallery, group exhibition, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire
One & Other Project, Plinther No 2295,Trafalger Square, London
EWACC Group Exhibition, The Lennox Gallery, London.
Group Exhibition at Worthing  Museum, West Sussex.
Group Exhibition at Horsham Museum, West Sussex.
2008  Artist, and Project Manager for“ Wiston House” Inaugural Art Exhibition, Wilton Park.
West Sussex.
2007  Moncrief Bray, Exhibition Petworth, West Sussex.
Solo Installation at “Whites Restaurant”,  West Sussex
2006  A series of paintings, drawings and prints commissioned for a private home.
Oberon  Gallery, Burnham Beeches, Bucks
Oliver Burns Interiors Designers, St Albans, Herts
2005  Solo Exhibition at “Christopher Gull”, Brighton, East Sussex.
Kunst Art Event, Rotterdam.
2004  The Brighton Art Fair – Winner of the Christopher Gull prize.
Chichester Cathedral."Sculpture in Paradise”, West Sussex.
Group Exhibition, Malaga, Spain.
2003  Public/Private" Group Exhibition at The Place, Letchworth, Hertfordshire.
2002  Saddlers Row Gallery, Petworth, West Sussex.
2001  Art House Foundations, Peterborough. ‘The Visual Haiku’ Selected work.
Scarborough Museums and Galleries, “Celebrating the North York Moors”.
2000  Plantation –Commissioned by the National Trust to create two sculptures as part of a  sculptural installation park at Standen, East Grinstead, West Sussex.
Chichester Open, West Sussex.
Discerning Eye Exhibition , The Mall Galleries, London.
Drawing Exhibition  “Hung, Drawn & Quartered”, at, Phoenix Gallery, Brighton, East Sussex.
1999  Open Exhibition, Mill Studios, Chichester, West Sussex.
Magazijn 1999 Drawing Exhibition, Crossfire Perific Arts, Amsterdam.
Group Exhibition“Garlic and Sapphires in the Mud” site-specific work, Jersey Galleries, Osterley Park House, Isleworth, Middlesex.
1998  “Tracks Three” International site-specific project, , Amsterdam.
 University of Hertfordshire. Degree show, installation.
Intersection Exhibition - Four Women Artists, John Jones Gallery, Finsbury Park, London
1993 – 1998   Fine Arts Degree, BA (Hons) University of Hertfordshire.
1991 – 1993   Certificate Course, St Albans School of Art and Design, Hertfordshire.

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