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The 15th edition of ART contemporary art fair, ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH

was held from Oct. 11th till 13th, 2013 at Congress house.

10 pieces of ISSO's arts were exhibited in her own booth, along with some seal engraving stamps she specially designed for this fairs for selling.


Those seal engraving received a lot of attentions, and some even commented that the artwork of Buddhist sutras were a combination of traditional and modern arts, which I totally agree.


It was really a time consuming for ISSO to make those seal engravings for Buddhist sutra artworks.

They consist of nearly 300 pieces, and she designed each Chinese characters written on Buddhist sutra, and engraved their designed characters on the marble stones, finally stamped on them in her original way to make a real artwork on fragile Japanese Paper.



Oct. 19th, 2013


Finally returned Tokyo a few days ago after the art fair in Zurich.

There were so many visitors, and it seemed that people were more interested in the series of 

"Ocean" of ISSO's arts as below, and also another series of Buddhist Sutra.



 Title: Wave

Size : H41cm X W53cm

Material : Black ink on canvas


On the whole, it was such a great experiences, which encouraged me to participate in next World Art Fair soon! Lots to have learned from it. 

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