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“Works” by RECRUIT

Title; Yin and Yang /
First impression of the art guides you into warm darkness world, Yin, where is deeper and far. The art actually depicts the moment when all the energy, stored in the darkness world, eventually is led by light to bright world, Yang.
Like various contrasts which we have felt in our lives such as night and morning, death and life, “Yin” and “Yang” is truly a reincarnation in natural world.
(Commented by ISSO)

Every things exists in this world is formed by “Yin and Yang”. We are making for our lives along with it. Good, and Bad, Dark, and Bright, Sad, and Happiness, etc….

Indeed, it is natural matters for us to have good and bad days. If we had endless good days, we would never been appreciated for good days. It is because the bad days, which can be represented as “Yin” give you lessons in many different ways, while facing trials, struggles, and pains in life, we could eventually appreciate good days after those bad days.
There are always a stream of “Yin” and “Yang” as a cycle in life, which everyone might has felt before.
Thanking for a function by “Yin” and “Yang”, we could enrich our lives by going through this circulations between them, which I assure, would even make people to be civilized growth human beings who would understand what a life truly is.

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