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The Art of Black Ink and Whites

 Calligraphy is the art of the balance of black Chinese ink and whites that is created by a casual control.

 I am convinced that a sentient, delicate, and infinite energy inhabits in this simple colorless world. When the energy appears as a piece unifying with my personality, I feel sovereign pleasure from the discovery of the new art.

I wish your sensibility richened by the exposure to my expressions of the balance of black Chinese ink and whites.




  • Members

An established member of “SALON INTERNATIONAL DE PARIS”.

Certified non-inspection required artist at Japan Calligraphy Museum Exhibition.

Japan Educational Calligraphic Institution Instructor & Professor.

A principle of Isso Calligraphy School.

  • History
1972Prize of 24th Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition.
1989Certified non-inspection required artist at Japan Calligraphy Museum Exhibition.
1991Testimonial as a Calligraphy Educator of Japan Educational Calligraphic Institution.
1995New Figure Award of 28th Contemporary Creative Calligraphy Exhibition.
 Excellent Work Award of 28th Contemporary Creative Calligraphy Exhibition.
1996Special Prize of 29th Contemporary Creative Calligraphy Exhibition.
1997Member’s  Prize of 30th Contemporary Creative Calligraphy Exhibition.
 OHSAWA Prize (Highest Prize) of 30th Contemporary Creative Calligraphy Exhibition.
1999Excellent Work Award of Japanese Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition in Barcelona.
2001Prize of Chinese Artist Association for Modern Art World Exhibition among Japan, France and China.(At Chinese National Museum in Beijing).
2002OHSAWA Prize (Highest Award) of 35th Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition.
2003Excellent Work Award and “PRESSKIT PRIZE” for Japanese Comtemporary Visual Art Exhibition in Italy.
 ZAKKI Prize of 11th Paris International Salon.
2005 ~ present 2012Win a prize for Salon D’Automne in Paris every year.
2008 ~ present 2012Published her works, and desings on the well-know   magazine ”Works” by RECRUIT CO. LTD, for exective readers every another month.
2012Selected and disply at PALACE HOTEL TOKYO, a luxuary hotel located in center of Tokyo.
  • Activity in Japan
1993Group Exhibition with Mr.Masaru Shimokawa (Engraver) and Mr.Yukio Fukuda (Tokyo Art       College Lecturer).
1994Calligraphic performance with a jazz music by Pianist, Ms. Keiko Mcnamara (Professor of Shenyang University, People’s Republic of China).
1997Personal exhibition at gallery, “VINCI” (Ohta, Japan).
1998Personal exhibition at gallery, “KEIFU” (Koshigaya, Japan).
2000Personal exhibition at gallery, “MUSASHI” (Ginza, Japan).
2005Exhibited at gallery, “GAN.f,” at Harajuku in Tokyo, as special exhibition of “PRESSKIT PRIZE.”
2006Personal Exhibition at Gallery of Palace Hotel (Marunouchi, Tokyo).


  • Activity in Abroad
1997Nominated “Exposition for Artists who love Paris”. (Paris, France)
1998Nominated 1998 Art-Net Gold-Coart Exhibition, Australia.
2000Personal exhibition at Exhibition Gallery of Arena del Sole Theatre at Bologna, in Italy supported by “Centro Studi d’Arte Estremo – Orientale-Onlas”.
2004Japanese calligraphy performance at Paris International Salon.



Japanese calligraphy performance at Corsica in France.

Participated in world art fairs; AHAF,  Art Santa Fe,   Art International Zurich. 

  • Media
1993Introduced her work, “SKY” on Yomiuri Daily Newspaper.
1995Introduced her creative activity on monthly magazine “MINIMU.”
1998Introduced her work “Yuki (Snow)” on (Asahi) Daily Newspaper.
2004Published her art,”Crazy Nightsky” on French Art Magazine,”UNIVERS DES ARTS.”
2006Introduced her creative activity and art,”Ocean” on monthly art magazine in May.
2008Introduced her art,”First Love” on monthly art magazine in January.
~ 2013Introduced her artworks on WORKS every another month by Recruit and continued for five years.
2012Published a title designed by ISSO on “MINIMU” issued every month.

Selected a seal engraving designed by ISSO by SSA (Staff Solutions Australia) , and inserted on its calender for 2013.

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